WKC Licensed School – Badges

We welcome you aboard and look forward to working with you to help you grow your martial arts business!

To get you started, we have created some online badges for you to display on your website, so that your potential customers can see that your business has the support and is backed by a reputable martial arts brand.

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Download our badges:

We have create 3 badges that you can upload onto your website. We recommend putting the below logos in the footer of your website. You can also write a short sentence to let your customers know what this badge means “(your school name) is accredited by and follows the standards and best practices set out by the World Karate Commission.”

Option 1: Vertical badge

download this image


Option 2: Horizontal Badge Small

download this image


Option 3: Horizontal Badge Large

download this image


Please contact us if you have any troubles installing your badge.