WKC Canada Provincial Tryouts

Competitors must qualify for the national championships by placing in the top 8 at one of the Provincial qualifiers. See the below Canada map for more information on Provincial qualifiers. Competitors who qualify at the Provincial qualifiers can then attend the WKC Canada Canadian National Championships. The top four competitors in each division at the Canadian National Championships are eligible to attend the WKC World Championships. If one of the top four competitors cannot attend the championships then the 5th place competitor is eligible to take their place on the team.

New Rules

1) Athletes must wear a full uniform for Point Fighting – No t-shirts

2) If a competitor is injured but wants to hand in a registration card at Provincials, they must still be present, unless a doctor’s note is provided in advance to WKC Canada. 

3) Elbow pads will be mandatory for World’s starting World’s 2020 Madrid.

4) Team Canada Athletes must stay at the WKC designated hotel.


2020 WKC Provincial Qualifiers