WKC Virtual League

We have partnered with MatLab Action and Sport Martial Arts for a virtual tournament series. The first place ranked in each division at the end of the virtual series will earn a spot to compete at the WKC world championships in Orlando, Florida. This will only apply for the 2021 world championships. 

In order to compete and be in the running for the chance to compete at the WKC Worlds 2021. Competitors should register to become a WKC Virtual League Member:

Go to https://www.mataction.com/WKC-World to create your account. 

Follow the link above and click the GREEN “Create WKC 2021 Membership button”. 

A league membership entitles athletes to:

  1. be rated in the WKC Virtual League
  2. be eligible for titles in the WKC Virtual League
  3. be eligible to earn that spot in the WKC World Championships if they are rated #1 in any World level divisions
  4. have a profile on the system where competitors can track their ratings and results throughout the WKC Virtual League events.

All colour belts are permitted to compete in both colour belt and black belt divisions. Only black belt divisions earn points towards the WKC World Championships. Once competitors are a WKC Member, it is time to register for the first WKC Virtual League event. 

The dates for the virtual events are as follows: 

  • March 28th – Luis Morales’ Virtual WKC World Qualifier
    Registration now open
  • April 25th – Michael Bernardo’s WKC Virtual World Qualifier
  • June 6th – Grand Slam WKC Virtual World Qualifier
  • June 27th – Douvris WKC Virtual World Qualifier
  • July 25th – WKC Virtual World Championships